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A Capella Science - More Than Birds

A Capella Science es un proyecto del físico canadiense Tim Blais en el que aúna su pasión por la ciencia con el interés que siempre ha despertado la música en él. Así, inspirado en Weird Al Yankovic, Bill Nye, Mike Tompkins o Vi Hart comenzó a componer canciones paródicas a capella con temática científica. En gran parte, sus letras tratan de física, pero hace unos días estrenó una canción en la que habla de por qué los pájaros son dinosaurios. La dejamos a continuación:

La letra de la canción es la siguiente:

Pigeons and doves coo 
They're not two birds but one from a deeper view 
With life that always holds true 
One descent but if you only knew 
How clearly 
Gulls and geese have had their roots revealed 

More than birds 
The fossils have the clues to make it real 
By the mid-Jurassic they had warm bodies 
And hollow airy bones 

What would you do 
If raptors grew wings and flew 
More than birds the stones reveal 
Archaeopteryx is real 
What would you say 
If I told you birds convey 
More than eggs and tasty stew 
They're a strain of dino too 

More than birds 

How could life give rise to 
Cockatoos from such a monstrous plan 
Selection pressure substitutes their 
Jumps for glides 
To powered flight it tends 
Adapting or T-Rex's feathers and wishbone 

More than birds 
By oviraptor's breeding can be shown 
Cause like birds they laid their eggs sequentially 
And sat on them to grow 

What would you do 
If you died while stuck in goo? 
More than birds in amber sealed 
Dino plumage is revealed 
What would you say 
If our rooks and birds of prey 
Are the ancient kings made new 
Cause they're avian dinos too 

More than birds

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